Why Our Woody Came To Matter

After over 20 years of battling, band-aiding and otherwise fussing with homemade wooden drawer systems made of plywood, dimension lumber and half the hardware department from True Value, we came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way. Drawers are awesome, especially in the back of your truck, so we couldn’t believe there wasn’t an affordable and compelling solution on the market. So what started out on a napkin in a local diner, evolved into a rabid pursuit to create a product that would make the lives of working men and women better. In 2013, after nearly three years of research, design, and engineering work, DECKED was born. We are passionate about what we do, and we love our customers, so we thought we would share a little something about ourselves.

Why we care

We too have lived with substandard homemade and even purchased storage systems rattling around in the backs of our pickup trucks for years. Finally, we sat down determined to solve the problem we all faced with our truck beds and produce the best in-vehicle storage system anywhere. We think we did, and we are confident you will too. You’re one of us, and our mission at DECKED is to make your life better.

Built for Scandinavia, Made in the USA.


Distributor of vehicle technology solutions and applications

Rindab is the exclusive distributor for the full line of DECKED systems and accessories in Scandinavia. We have been a distributor of vehicle technology solutions and applications for many years and we are so proud to add DECKED to our premium range of quality products.

DECKED Scandinavia endeavours to evolve the usefulness of vehicles with incredible storage/toolbox solutions so you can get the most out of your vehicle and your adventures.

Visit Rindab’s official website: https://www.rindab.se