Designed for the hunt

Safe and secure storage

Organised storage

Easy access to your equipment
Improved structure with sections

1 tonne payload

Full bed use
Secure strap-down points

Decked for hunting

Scandinavia is blessed with one of the most dynamic landscapes in the world. DECKED is an essential element in preparing your gear for your next visit with nature. With DECKED you not only get the most versatile system on the market, you can lock your valuables in the drawers, close the tailgate and lock that too for absolute peace of mind.

Dial in your hunt rig

DECKED has proud history of supporting hunters in the USA and now Scandinavia. One of the bigger challenges to planing your next hunt is dialing in your pickup with all your gear. Get the DECKED system and keep everything dry, secure and – above all – organised.


Why decked?

Toolboxes and storage options for pickups and vans run the gamut, and there are some great options available. So, what makes DECKED worth it, or – dare we say it – better?


Customise your truck

In addition to a variety of accessories we offer here at DECKED, you can use the system with a host of products to maximize vehicle efficiency and create the ultimate storage and toolbox system.