Shipping policy

DECKED Scandinavia ships to Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Shipping is an additional cost based on the delivery cost from our warehouse in Sweden. We strive to provide an as low shipping fee as possible.

The shipping fee for a DECKED system or DECKED Tool Box in Sweden is 800 SEK and in Denmark and Finland it is 1000 SEK.

We will ship your DECKED system to you for assembly to your vehicle by yourself. We only deliver by National reputable courier, and all deliveries we dispatch are accompanied by a tracking number.

Most DECKED systems are shipped within 4-7 days. We always provide an estimated shipping date once an order has been processed.

We work to have as many DECKED systems as possible in store in our Swedish warehouse. DECKED systems that aren’t in store are shipped within 8 weeks. Feel free to contact us for an estimated shipping date beforehand.

Once you have received your DECKED system, make sure to inspect the freight for any damage, indicate superficial damage to carton on delivery receipt and/or refuse shipment altogether if damage to product is visible.

You also have the option to locate your nearest dealer using our Store Locator. We have agreements with our dealers to do the following on your behalf:

  • to order your DECKED system for you;
  • and to install your DECKED system to your vehicle for you on collection by you.

(Please note our dealers will charge an additional fee to install your DECKED system, and you will not be able to arrange delivery to a dealer without getting your DECKED system installed by the same dealer.)