Built for Scandinavia

Quality Materials
Large Payload

Organise your essentials

Prepared for adventure
Quick and easy setup

Road tested 4×4 approved

DECKED. 1 tonne payload, 90 kg capacity per drawer, overall system weight of only 90-100 kgs. Made in USA from all recycled materials. So much clever storage, your cargo pants are going to be jealous.


Customise your Vehicle

In addition to the variety of accessories we offer, you can use DECKED with a host of products to maximise vehicle efficiency and suit your specific needs. DECKED’s lateral steel tubes have ample support and anchor points to create the ultimate storage and toolbox system.



DECKED is engineered to be outside in the elements. Your tools and other drawer contents are kept secure and dry. Our product is unaffected by extreme shifts in temperature, blazing UV exposure or anything the environment may bring.


store your gear

One of the bigger challenges to planing your next trip is dialing in your pickup with all your gear. Get the DECKED system and keep everything dry, secure and – above all – organised. You can chuck in everything you need for that epic journey or weekend warrior escape neatly and out of the way. Storage dividers and tray accessories allow for fully customisable organisation in the bed of your ute for all the gear you need.

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